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Keep Your Cloud Servers Compliant

Trying to follow the provisions set forth by HIPAA regulations to keep patient records secure and confidential is a difficult and sometimes daunting task. This checklist includes:

  • Mandatory Server Requirements
  • Server Best Practices
  • End-User & Application Best Practices
  • Requirements met by Green House Data — take those off your to-do list when you host in the gBlock cloud

Read these requirements and best practices to help assure adherence to strict HIPAA standards and avoid potential breaches or fines.



HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Requirements & Best Practices for HIPAA Compliant Cloud Servers

About Green House Data

Green House Data provides cloud hosting, colocation and managed IT from data centers across the United States. With a focus on customer service, transparent business practices, and environmental responsibility, Green House Data offers a unique spin on IT infrastructure as a Service.

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