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Downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost revenue and productivity. Get your IT infrastructure disaster-ready with our adaptable disaster recovery plan template, which includes:

• Personnel Contact Information & Contact Tree
• External Contacts & Accounts
• Backup Strategies
• Potential Impact of Various Disasters
• Emergency Response Teams & Protocol
• IT System Inventory

Don't be caught unprepared.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Whether you need help with just one piece of your disaster recovery plan, like backing up data, or assistance creating a complete plan including a recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery 
time objective (RTO), Green House Data can help.

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Prepare for an IT outage by filling out this disaster recovery worksheet. From individual system information to overall strategy, this template helps you design your response to a total loss of power, natural disaster, or any other event that could shut down your IT systems.

Cloud Services

DR isn't our only hosted solution — if you need primary or scalable infrastructure, our VMware-based platform is ready to deliver high performance to meet any application requirements.

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Green House Data operates data centers across the nation in some of the safest areas of the country. You can move your systems seamlessly between sites, whether you choose colocated backups or cloud disaster recovery.

Choose a location for the efficiency of infrastructure near your business operations or the security of a site hundreds - or even thousands - of miles away.

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